KeePass Password Manager

KeePass Password Manager

If you are using an Adams State University computer, you can install KeePass from the Software Center. For instructions on using the Software Center, please see the Software Center Page

For more information on KeePass, you can visit their website at

Keepass has a portable version which can be copied to media such as a Thumbdrive:

2. Choose a name and location for the database file. Computing Services highly recommends a location that will be backed up regularly, such as your home directory.

3. Choose a master password. Make sure this password is strong and something you can remember. Computing Services can NOT recover this password if you lose it!

4. Choose a name for your database. You can also set additional options if you desire.

5. You can create groups by Right Clicking on the Database Name or clicking Edit > New Group

6. And create new password entries by clicking on Edit > New Entry

7. After creating an entry make sure to save the database!