Copy Email Messages from Student Gmail to Alumni Gmail

Your student email account is deleted after you have not been enrolled in classes for 3 semesters. If you would like to retain a copy of your email messages, you can copy them to another account. The directions below are for copying your email to another Gmail account. ASU graduates are eligible for an Alumni Gmail account. For more information on getting your Alumni Gmail account please see this link:

You should notify any contacts of the change of email address.

For more information, please see Google's help article on the process:

To copy existing email messages from your ASU student account ( to your alumni account, or another personal Gmail account:

To forward future mail sent to your student account to your alumni account:

This will only forward new messages sent to your student account as long as it is active. Once the student email account is deleted, the forwarding will stop.

Please note: Your email will only forward FROM your student account to your ALUMNI account, for as long as the student account remains open.