Setting a Homepage  Internet Browsers

Setting a Homepage


1. To set a home page in Chrome, click the three dots menu on the upper right side of the browser, then Settings.

2. Next click "On startup" on the left sidebar.

3. Here you can choose "Continue where you left off", but to set the homepage click "Open a specific page or set of pages" then "Add a new page". Enter or copy/paste the website URL and then Add.


1. In the top right, click the three bar menu icon and then settings.

2. Under the General tab you can choose your Startup to open previous windows and tabs, but to set your homepage click Home on the left sidebar.

3. Click Firefox Home (Default) next to Homepage and new windows and change it to Custom URLs... Then enter or copy/paste the website URL underneath to set it as your homepage.

Internet Explorer

1. To set a home page in Internet Explorer, click the gear on the upper right hand side of the browser (settings), then click on Internet Options. Alternatively, you may click on Tools > Internet Options if that menu shows at the top of the web browser.

2. Under the General Tab, type in the home page you would like to go to. If you are currently at the webpage you would to set as your homepage, you may click the "Use Current Page" button.

3. Click OK.