Boot to Safe Mode

Boot To Safe Mode

To boot into safe mode you must:

1. Restart your computer*. Make sure to save any documents that you may have open at the time.

*This must be done before Windows loads. If this is done incorrectly you will have to restart the computer again. 

2. Start repeatedly pressing the F8 key once the computer has begun the booting process. This will ensure that it properly works and goes to the necessary window.

3. On the page that has loaded there will be a variety of options such as "Repair Your Computer" and "Enable Boot Logging". On this screen pick any of the three options that involve safe mode. It is recommended to avoid the "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" option because it uses command line, making it more difficult to get tasks done.

After the choice has been selected has been made the computer will boot Windows in safe mode. Some features such as audio will be disabled while the computer is in safe mode It will stay like this until the computer has been restarted.