Enlarged Print Screens in Banner

Enlarged Print Screens in Banner

Although you can do screen prints directly from the file menu in Banner, they only print on the page in portrait mode and the text is often too small to easily read. You can do larger, landscape oriented screen prints, but it does take a couple of extra steps. Here is how.

1. Make sure your cursor focus is on the Banner screen. To do this, just click anywhere on the Banner window itself.

2. Hold down the ‘Alt’ key, and tap the ‘Print Screen’ key that is right above the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

3. Click on ‘Start,’ then ‘Programs,’ then ‘Accessories,’ and then ‘Paint.’

4. In Paint, click on ‘Edit,’ and then ‘Paste.’

5. In Paint, click on ‘File,’ and then ‘Page Setup…’ In the Page Setup dialogue box, select ‘Landscape’ and under ‘Scaling,’ select ‘Fit to:’ and make sure both boxes have the number ‘1’ in them. See below:

Then click ‘OK.’

6. Now, just click on ‘File’ and then ‘Print,’ and you should get a much more readable screen print.