Clearing Your Browser's Cache

This section explains how to clear your cache with various web browsers. Clearing your cache may solve some browser-based glitches such as sign-in or display errors.

Clearing the Cache on Chrome:

1. At the top of the browser, to the left of the URL, there should be  the following  icon circled below. Click this icon first.

2. A drop down menu will display where you'll click Site settings.

3. A new tab will open titled Settings. Near the top of this page, under Usage it will display how many cookies you have. To the right of this you'll click Delete data to clear your cache.

Clearing the Cache on Firefox:

1. In the top right of Firefox, click the three-bar menu icon.

2. On this drop down menu click Settings.

3. On the left sidebar, click Privacy & Security.

4. You'll need to scroll down to Cookies and Site Data where you'll click Clear Data...

5. If you don't want to clear your cookies and site data, you can uncheck that option. Make sure Cached Web Content is checked and click Clear.