Google Calendar Sync Android and iPhone 

Google Calendar Sync on Android

To sync your Google Calendar to an Android Device, do the following:

2. Then select "Add an Account"

3. Select "Google" for the account type.

Click next

4. Select "Sign In" to input your faculty email address and password.

5. Enter your faculty email address and password. Then select "Sign In"

6. Select your sync options. Then select "Finish"

7. Click "Finish Setup"

Google Calendar Sync on iPhone

To add your Google calendar to your iPhone

2. Then choose "Add Account"

3. Select the account type, "Exchange"

4. Input your name, ASU Employee email and password, and name the account.

5. Tap "Next"

6. Once you have entered your credentials, you will be prompted to input the SERVER.

   The server address is ""

      Domain is

      Username is your entire email, with

7. Tap "Next"

8. Make sure that "Mail" is off, "Calendars" is ON, and select "Save"

By default, only your calendar is synced to your iPhone. If you would like to see additional calendars, such as calendars that have been shared with you, you can do so by: