Staff Account FAQ

What are the different types of Faculty/Staff Accounts and their functions?

ASU Account Rename Procedure

Computing Services (CS) has a procedure to rename a user’s login name. This can be due to marital status change or for requesting a different account name / email address. This account name / user name will be used for logging in the computer, email, banner, wireless, and other accounts on campus. In addition, faculty and staff accounts were initially limited to only eight characters. These accounts began with first and middle initial, followed with the first six characters of their last name. And for those individuals that have common last names a number was appended. In these cases the username may not be very understandable. In these cases, individuals may want to request a different account name / email address.

This request can be accomplished in a couple of ways. The first way is to visit the CS Help Desk and complete the Account Request form.  Second, through putting in a ticket by calling the CS Help Desk (719) 587-7741. Lastly, entering a ticket in the General Queue. Once the process is completed, you will receive and email from the ticket system.

Email Forwarding

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