Windows 11 Upgrade Instructions

After June 1st, 2024, staff with eligible Windows 11 computers will be able to upgrade to Windows 11

If your computer is eligible it will display the Windows 11 Operating System in Operating System tab of Software Center

Please plan on installing Windows 11 during a time you do not need to be using your computer or at the end of the day, to prevent interference with your workflow, as your computer will restart multiple times during this process.

Please close all applications and programs before initiating the upgrade, to allow for your computer to restart multiple times without issue

Please make sure you have a hard wire connection (docked to laptop station or is a desktop),  connected to asuEwifi and plugged into power, or use an ASU VPN.  These updates will not go through if on another Network or asuwifi.  

2. Select the Operating System tab on the left side

3. Select Win11_64x_23H2-FacStaff Upgrade

4. Select Install

5. Confirm you want to upgrade your operating system, by clicking Install.  Even if it seems like nothing is happening please proceed to step 6, as this process will not notify you that it has started

6. LOCK your computer, do not logout.  Logging out or shutting your computer down will interfere with the installation process