Setting Up Google 2-Step Verification

1. Log in to your ASU account on any Google page.

2. Once you are inside of your account, either on a Google page or your email inbox, you can select your profile icon at the top right.

3. Then select the option Manage your Google Account.

4. It will take you to a new page, click Security (on a computer, it is on the left sidebar but it may be on the top row for a mobile device).

5. Once on the Security page, navigate to the 4th box down titled How you sign in to Google.

6. You will see an option for 2-Step Verification and select anywhere in that row to start the process of signing up. 

If you are locked out of your account because "Your sign-in settings don't meet your organization's 2-Step policy", call Computing Services at (719) 587-7741 or email

Additional Recovery Options (Highly Recommended)

On the same page under How you sign in to Google, you can add your recovery phone, a recovery email, and you can create a Passkey.

Adding a recovery phone or email will give you the ability to still get into your account even if you change your phone number or lose access to an email account, so it is highly recommended.

Passkeys allow you to bypass entering your username, password, and 2-Step when signing into your account on a mobile device by giving you the option to sign in with a fingerprint or face scan, but will create one extra step when signing in on a separate device such as a computer.