Google Drive For Desktop

Download  Google Drive for Desktop

Moving Files from X drive (and other local folders) to Google Drive for Desktop (this is just 1 method to move your files, there are different methods that will also work)

2.  Navigate to File Explorer and along the left side

3. Select your G drive  to open your Google Drive on your desktop, or another local folder you want to move files from (Desktop, Documents, Downloads)


5. From File Explorer, go to the top left and select File, and then select Open new window, and then Open new window, again, you should now have 2 File Explorer windows open

6.  Restore down both screens (if they are not already), adjust their sizes

7. Move them so, they are side by side

8.  Drag and drop your files from your X or S drive into the folder on your G Drive, by clicking on the file in your X or S drive and with the left mouse button held down, drag this over to the other window and drop your file by releasing the left mouse button