Google Chrome Profile Setup

If you are using Google Chrome as your browser and are running into a Google 403 error or can't sign into Blackboard, creating a Chrome profile with your ASU account can fix those issues. This also allows you to bypass needing to enter your username, password, and 2-Step Verification when signing in to systems that authenticate through Google like Gmail, Blackboard, Banner, and Workday, making logins faster.

If you still have issues logging into Blackboard, contact AITC at or (719) 587-7371 for Blackboard assistance.


1. In the top right of Chrome (next to the three dots) is your profile icon. It doesn't matter what webpage you are on, this icon will always be present. Click here first.

2. A smaller window will display, listing all of your Chrome profiles if you have any others set up. Click + Add to create a new profile.

3. Sign in with your ASU email to finish setup. This will open a new window. Copy paste the Student Onestop page link in this window, and now you'll be able to access Blackboard and other ASU systems easier.

Mobile / Tablet

If you still receive an error message stating that "your sign-in settings don't meet your organization's 2-Step Verification policy," contact Computing Services at or call (719) 587-7741.