Password Gorilla

Password Gorilla

We recommend using Password Gorilla, a free password management utility. Password Gorilla stores all your passwords in an encrypted database for you. Because it’s encrypted, no one will be able to read the database without the master password.

Password Gorilla is installed on all employee computers and can also be downloaded for free from

When you start Password Gorilla, you will have the option to browse to an existing database or create a new one. Databases can be store on the local computer, shared drives, home drives, or thumb drives. Computing Services recommends saving the database to a backed up location, such as the home or shared directory. 

If you create a database, you will be prompted to choose a master password. Do not forget this password! Computing Services will not be able to recover this password if you forget it.

You have the option to create groups for logins. For example, you may wish to have a group for ASU logins and a group for personal logins.