Xbox One - ASUwifi Troubleshooting

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Xbox One - ASUwifi Troubleshooting

Occasionally, the Xbox One has issues connecting to ASUwifi. If a console isn't able to connect please perform the following troubleshooting steps: When the Xbox One is blocked by Safe•Connect, it will need to be rebooted from a fully powered-off state.

By default, the Xbox One does not power off fully. Instead, it goes into a low power state when the power button is pressed or ‘Console Off’ is selected via the controller.

This can be resolved by either changing the power setting from “Instant-On” to “Energy-Saving” (, or by simply removing the power cable from the Xbox One.

Once the Xbox One is powered back on, the Xbox Dashboard will load. At that time, the Xbox One should be automatically fingerprinted as a Microsoft Gaming Device.

Any given Xbox One should only have to go through this process *one time*. SafeConnect will remember the device in future sessions, based on its mac address.

One caveat is that if the Xbox One is still pending the Day One update, it may need to be given temporary Open Access until the download and installation can complete.