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Log in with your User ID and PIN. This will be different than your standard ASU account.

  • Click on Employee Information


  • Click on Time Sheet.


  • Under Selection Criteria, select the radio button by "Approve or Acknowledge Time":
  • Click the Select button


  • Select the Department from “My Choice” column and choose the Pay period you are approving then determine the Sort Order and click “Select” to access the records.


  • You will be able to view the time sheets status for each of your approved employees. Time sheets in “Pending Status” are the ones ready for you to approve. To open an employee’s time sheet click on their name. While reviewing the hours make sure to verify all time is entered in “Shift 1.”
    • Work Studies will need to log in to the system before they will appear on a supervisors screen under “In Progress.”
    • Work Studies will need to submit their time sheets before they will appear under “Pending.”
    • By opening the Time Sheet you can also Return for Correction, add a comment, or Change the time sheet.
  • If student’s time is correct, click “Approve” and “Save” to send it to Payroll.
    • If after approving a time sheet you realize an error, you can click “Return Time” to make the necessary changes.
  • If there is an error on the student’s time sheet you can either send the time sheet back to the student to make the necessary correction by clicking “Return for Correction” or you can make the correction yourself by clicking “Change Record.”
    • You have made a change to a student’s record (note the change you made)
    • You are returning it for correction
  • After approving the time sheet, click on “Previous Menu” to go on to next employee
  • Make sure the screen says: (#) Record (s) has/have been Approved/Acknowledged