Transferring Google Drive Files

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Transferring Google Drive Files from Student Account to Personal Account

1) Log into your student drive and click the square of nine grey dots in the top right of the screen. Select the triangle icon for the Google drive as show in the picture. Google.png

2) Make sure “My Drive” is selected. Next, create a new folder to hold all the files you wish to transfer. You may select the files to move into this folder individually or select multiple at a time. Drive.png

3) After placing the desired files in the folder, right click the folder and select download. This will create a zip folder in your downloads that will need to be extracted. Zip.png

4) Now, you will need to log into the personal account you wish to transfer these files to. You will select my drive as you did before, and select the +New button just above it. Select “Folder Upload” and choose the copy of the folder you extracted in your Downloads folder. Folder.png