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International Dialing/Fax

International Dialing

To place an international call from campus

  • dial 9
  • 011
  • (country code)
  • (city code)
  • (phone number)
  • (PAC)

Be careful your dialing; some people dial 911 and this can cause problems.

International Fax

Telecomm does not support fax machines; some machines do require a pause (3-6 seconds) between the number and your PAC.

Campus Voicemail

Accessing Your Mailbox for the First Time

Dial 8070 from your phone. The first time you access the voice mail system you will be prompted to set up your mailbox. This will include:

  • Recording your name
  • Spelling your name
  • Recording your “personal greeting”
  • Setting your “security code”

This process takes less than five minutes to complete. Please note that you must complete the setup before you can retrieve any messages. The system will prompt you through all of the steps. When you hear “Great, your mailbox is now set up…” you will know you have successfully completed the setup.

Checking Messages from Your Phone

Access your mailbox by dialing 8070. Enter your security code when prompted. Press 4 to access new messages. Press 6 to access old messages. To archive the message, press 37. To delete the message, press 36. To redirect (copy) the message, press 39.

Checking Messages from Outside the Office

Access your mailbox by dialing 587-8070; when the system answers enter your personal ID (9 then your extension number). Enter your security code when prompted. Press 4 to access new messages. Press 6 to access old messages. To archive the message, press 37. To delete the message, press 36. To redirect (copy) the message, press 39.

To Redirect (copy) a message to another subscriber

While listening to a message, press 39. Follow the system prompts to enter the name of the subscriber to whom you are redirecting the message. Enter 1 to confirm.

To Change Mailbox Greetings

Access your mailbox and enter your security code when prompted. To rerecord your Standard Greeting 7461 Alternate Greeting 7471 To switch from the standard greeting to the alternate greeting, press 745.

Message Playback Options

While listening to a message, you can press 7 to rewind or press 9 to move forward within the message. To repeat the entire message, press 3#. To hear when a message was sent, press 38.

Conference Calls

Three way call on campus

  • Pless flash, you will hear a dial tone as the other party is placed on hold
  • Dial the extension of the third party
  • Press flash, the connection is established.
    • To end the call with the third party, press flash again.
    • If you hang up, the other two parties will remain connected.

Three Way Conference, outside party

  • Press flash, you will hear a dial tone.
  • Dial 9
  • Dial the number
  • Press flash
    • Press flash again to end the call with the third party.
    • Hanging up on a three way call with an outside party will disconnect all members.

Eight-way Conference Call

  • Note: You must have this feature installed on your telephone for it to work.
  • If you're dialing off-campus numbers as well as on-campus, dial the off-campus numbers first. You only need to enter your PAC once.
  • Press flash
  • Dial the eight-way conference code #90
  • Dial the extension number
  • Press flash (once for an internal call, twice for an external).
  • Continue to do so until you have all of the parties connected.

Meet Me Conference

  • Note: This feature must be assigned to your telephone to work
  • Lift handset
  • Dial "meet-me" conference code #92
  • Dial the code (0 or 1)

Telephone FAQs

How to I check voicemail from outside my office?

From out of your office dial (587-8070, then enter your personal ID (#9) followed by your extension (example: 7741). Next you will enter the security code and press (#4) to access new messages.

When there is no personal security code on my voicemail and I want to check it from another phone. How do I do that?

Dial 8070, and immediately press (#9) plus your four digit extension number. You will be able to access your voicemail as if dialing from your own phone.

Can students, faculty, and staff have caller ID and call waiting?

There is no caller ID/call waiting available because the system cannot handle it on a digital phone system. Any calls related to phone problems in the dorms must be reported to the Housing Office. The Housing Office will then enter a work order with our department.

Someone is having trouble with Telecom. What should I do?

Any incoming calls to the Help Desk regarding phone problems (Telecom Calls) need to be entered into the work order system and must be assigned to Otis Hager. He has requested callers not be directed to his voicemail.

What is a PAC number? What should I do when a staff member requests a PAC?

The PAC number is a long distance phone call authorization code. When the faculty or staff member calls in a request for a PAC numbers we need to enter the request in the work order system. A budget code is required for billing purposes. The PAC codes will be left in the box to the right of the Computing Services Helpdesk computer. The individual is notified via email, by Otis, when the PAC is ready. The PAC must be picked up within 4-5 days. If the PAC is not picked up within this time period Otis will retrieve and shred it. At that time the individual will have to repeat the request.

Information Required to Request a PAC

  • Full Name
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Classified/Administration/Staff
  • 900 Number of the Employee
  • Budget Code

How do I make Long Distance Calls with the PAC Number?

  • Dial (#9)
  • Dial (#1)
  • Dial area code and then the long distance number
  • Listen for confirmation tone and then enter the PAC number

Telephone Work Orders

When calling in a work order include the following information:

  • Room Location
  • Phone # of a contact person
  • Department
  • The phone # of the phone in question
  • Jack #
  • Do you need a repair, deactivate, move, change request, etc?

Telephone Prices

For those interested in purchasing new phones for your department:

  • Analog phones cost $65.00
    • Programming/Additional Options (ie multiple lines) is $20 extra