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Have you been working on a paper just to have your computer crash? Worried about keeping your work safe? Some common methods of data storage and backup include copying to CDs or flash drives, emailing your work to yourself or storing data on the cloud. But Adams State students have another option, ASU supported network storage! Below are a few options available to students for keeping data safe.

The MyFiles interface (also known as Ajax explorer) is a method of network storage that directly links to your student account. This means that any file stored under the "Desktop" folder is redirected to your home drive, which is accessible from any lab computer. In other words, if you store a file under the "desktop" folder in Ajax explorer, it will show up on your desktop next time you log in to the lab computers! This is our recommended method of storage and backup. As a part of regular operations, student drives are backed up to a different server location. This means that if your work is stored on ASU servers, it gets backed up every night. This protects you from failures that may occur on our end of things.

Ajax Explorer is accessible from anywhere with internet connection, just go to and log in with your student account. We recommend this method to students because files stored on Ajax are backed up and managed by Adams State, not a third party vendor. That means you can usually get help faster.

Google Drive

Adams State also offers Google Drive as a service when you sign into with your student account. You can upload files by dragging and dropping them from your computer to the browser. The hardware is serviced and housed by Google, which may mean slower response times to requests to recover lost files in the case of server problems.