Student Labs General Information

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Lab Scheduling/Reservation How-to

  • Go to
    • Click on “Campus Events” To see if the lab is available on the date(s) and time(s) you need
      • Click on the “Choose Calendar” drop-down list
        • Click on “Full List”
          • Choose the “Open Lab Schedule” from the drop-down list
            • Scroll through the months and days
              • If the date is available click on “Add Event”
                • The “Open Lab Schedule” will be listed in the “Select a Calendar” field.
                  • In the “Event Title” please indicate the Lab room number and the contact person’ last name (Example: ES238 Jones)
                    • In the “Description” field please include the CRN #, and a contact phone #
                      • Click “Submit Event”

Computing Services will then review the request and approve. Call the CS Helpdesk at x7741 if you have any questions.

Lab Operation Times

  • The twenty-four hour lab in the Student Union Building, as per its name, is open 24/7
  • All other labs open at 8am.

Lab Open Access Locations

Business x7156 Large Business Lab Small Business Lab

College Center x7840 College Center Lab

ES Building x7502 Rowley Lab Writing Studio Lab

Library x7781 Joel J. Jensen Lab

William Porter Hall Ada Lovelace Lab Alan Turing Lab Charles Babbage Lab

    • Open access labs are available to all currently registered students, faculty, and staff. These machines come with all ASC standard applications; some labs may also have specialized software. Many of these labs are used for classes; if the room is reserved for a large class you may be asked to leave. The instructor may group students to leave some computers open for others, but if you’re disruptive to the class you may be asked to leave.

Safe Removal of USB Flash Drives

  • Click on the right mouse button on the USB flash drive icons on the toolbar
    • Click on the “safely remove hardware” message that pops up
      • The dialog box will pop up. Click stop.
        • The “stop a hardware device” dialog box will appear, asking you to confirm. Click “Ok.”
          • A message will appear on the toolbar informing you that the USB flash drive can be safely removed.
            • Remove your USB drive from the port.

Lab Library Computers

What computers are available for use?

  • Internet computers available for the community
  • Three computers are available for internet usage. They are located on the second floor. Games and chat (also known as IMing) are not allowed. These computers do not have word processing or other specialty software. Black-and-white laser printing is available. When other individuals are waiting, patrons are asked to restrict their computer use to 15 minutes at any one time. There is a limit of sixty-minutes-per-day of computer usage.

Reference computers available for anyone

Three reference computers are available to search ASC catalog: Marmot (our electronic library catalog) and other research databases. They are located on the second floor. Black-and-white laser printing is available.

Word processing computer available for the community

One computer is available for word processing only. It is located on the first floor. It does not have internet access. Black-and-white printing is available on the dot matrix printer.

Two computer labs for ASC students

Student fees support two computer labs which are open to ASC students, faculty, and staff only. These are open all hours the library is open, but they close thirty minutes before the library does.

  • The Joel J. Jensen Computer Lab is located on the second floor. It has a black-and-white laser printer and scanner.
  • A computer classroom is located on the first floor. Whenever it is not in use for teaching purposes, it is available as an open access lab. It contains 24 student computers and one instructor computer. It has a data projector, a smart board, and other teaching technologies. Call Brooke Phillips at (719) 587-7126 to reserve a room for a class.