Student Labs General Information

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Lab Scheduling/Reservations

Check the entry for the lab you are interested and check lab scheduling contact into.

Lab Operation Times

  • The twenty-four hour lab in the Student Union Building, as per its name, is open 24/7
  • Lab Hours vary, check the specific lab for hours. Generally most open at 8am and many buildings close at 9 PM.

Lab Locations

Business Building Lab Phone Number x7156

  • Large Business Lab
  • Small Business Lab

Student Union 24 Hour Lab x7840

  • College Center Lab

ES Building x7502

  • ES 105
  • ES338
  • Writing Studio Lab

Library x7781

  • Joel J. Jensen Lab (2nd Floor)
  • Library Classroom

William Porter Hall (SMT)

  • Ada Lovelace Lab (2nd Floor)
  • Alan Turing Lab (2nd Floor)
  • Charles Babbage Lab (2nd Floor)
  • Chemistry lab (3rd Floor)
  • Student computer labs are available to all currently registered ASC students, faculty, and staff. These machines come with all ASC standard applications; some labs may also have specialized software. Many of these labs are used for classes; if the room is reserved for a large class you may be asked to leave. The instructor may group students to leave some computers open for others, but if you’re disruptive to the class you may be asked to leave.