Student Accounts

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What are the different types of student accounts and their functions?

Microsoft-Active Directory (AD)

Used to:

  • Login to the lab machines
  • Access your home directory to save your personal files (X: drive on PCs) Students can store up to 1 GB of data.
  • Access the Shared drive (S: on PCs) to share files with other students.

Portal Login

Used to access the resources on the portal and provides single-logon authentication for email, webCT, and Banner-Web. The authentication piece talks directly to RADIUS (currently).

School Services

Access is only available after logging into the Portal. It provides access for students to be able to see their grades, register for classes, financial aid information, etc;


  • The institution's Learning Management System (LMS) is available to all students. However, only courses that have a Blackboard component will appear.
  • Support for Blackboard is available at the Academic Instructional Technology Center, located in MCD 115. Support is also available by phone at 719.587.7371, or via email at

Student Email Account

Provides each student with email access. There is a link off the portal page or can be accessed directly at

Student Web Site

Students will use Google Sites. Simply log in to with your student account. you will be able to name your site however you like, and it will be accessible at"your_site_name" where "your_site_name" is the name you choose. Google Sites is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) tool, which also disallows the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript uploading.