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== Updating the Faculty/Staff Directory with Custom Website Link ==
== Additional Information about public_html ==

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All Students have the ability to create and host a personal website using the network drive provided by Computing Services. In a user’s network drive there is a folder titled “public_html” that allows users to upload HTML files. Once uploaded the file will act as a webpage when accessed through a web browser. This only works with HTML style or similar file types. Please note, this directory is completely public, so use caution when uploading files.

There are three methods for accessing the public_html folder; each will be covered in detail in this Wiki.

Method One: Accessing the public_html folder through Windows File Explorer on a lab/classroom workstation.

NOTE: This method can only be done using an Adams State University computer that has an active connection with the campus network.

Step One: Start by opening My Computer. Under Network Location there should be a drive titled USERNAME (\\myfiles.adams.edu) (X:). Double click on this drive.


Step Two: Within the X: Drive there should be a folder titled public_html double click on this folder.


Method Two: Accessing the public_html folder through http://myfiles.adams.edu

Myfiles.adams.edu is a web based method for any Adams State University student to access any network stored documents and files through the Internet. This can be done both on and off campus.

Step One: Either click on the link above or input http://myfiles.adams.edu into the web address bar.

Step Two: Log in using Adams State University provided credentials. This is the same login information that is used to log into Adams State University resources such as email, blackboard, and any Adams State University provided computers.

Step Three: Find and access the “public_html” folder and double click it to enter the folder.

For more information on using the myfiles.adams.edu web and mobile interface, please check out our more detailed how-to Myfiles.adams.edu_-_Remotely_Access_Home_and_Shared_Drives_from_the_Web_or_Mobile_App


Method Three: Accessing the public_html folder using Filezilla

Filezilla is a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application that allows a user to connect directly to a server with the necessary information and login credentials. This also can be done on or off campus. The application can be downloaded on Filezilla's downloads page

Step One: Follow the steps at the following link to set up a connection with the Myfiles.adams.edu server: Myfiles.adams.edu - Accessing Remotely with Filezilla

Step Two: Navigate the file browser on the mid right section to the public_html folder and double click it to enter it.


Additional Information about public_html

Within the public_html folder any HTML or web based file can be placed and viewed online. If any files such as photos have been uploaded via the public_html folder they can also be directly linked to as well. Additional folders can also be created in the public_html folder as well. As an example to access a file within a folder that is in the public_html folder on a web browser the URL that needs to be entered is http://student.adams.edu/~USERNAME/FOLDER/FILENAME. Remember to replace the USERNAME, FOLDER, and FILENAME with a valid Adams State University username, the correct folder title (if one exists) and the correct file name respectively. The file type will also need to be added (i.e .html, .jpg, .png, etc.) in order for the page to be properly accessed. Alternatively if the URL is entered up to the username a directory will be displayed and the user can navigate to the desired file.