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What are the different types of Faculty/Staff Accounts and their functions?

  • Active Directory Account is used to access the network. This provides the faculty/staff with a home directory where they can store up to 150MB. To access home directory files from off campus, see
  • Portal Login is used to access the resources on portal and provides a single-login to faculty email, webCT and Banner. The authentication piece currently talks directly to RADIUS.
  • Faculty/Staff Email provides each faculty/staff member with email access
  • For personal web pages they will put files in a public_html directory inside their X: Drive home directory. Faculty and Staff access their web page at (replace username with your actual username preceded with the tilde). Please note that any files they put in that directory are instantly accessible from the Internet.
  • Radius is an authentication database that is used to authenticate and authorize dialup users. Faculty/Staff are allowed up to 50 hours online (via dialup) each month. Currently, the portal also authenticates users via RADIUS.
  • Banner Web access is only available via the portal; however, it actually does have its own username and password. It provides access for Faculty/Staff to administrative information.

ASU Account Rename Procedure

  • Computing Services (CS) has a procedure to rename a user’s login name. This can be due to marital status change or for requesting a different account name / email address. This account name / user name will be used for logging in the computer, email, banner, wireless, and other accounts on campus. In addition, faculty and staff accounts were initially limited to only eight characters. These accounts began with first and middle initial, followed with the first six characters of their last name. And for those individuals that have common last names a number was appended. In these cases the username may not very understandable. In these cases, individuals may want to request a different account name / email address.
  • This request can be accomplished in a couple of ways. The first way is to visit the CS Help Desk and complete the Account Request form. Second, through putting in a ticket by calling the CS Help Desk (719) 587-7741. Lastly, entering a ticket on-line at Once the process is completed, you will receive and email from the ticket system.

Account name restrictions

The account must at a minimum contain the user’s last name in the login. For example, John Smith may be jsmith. For individuals with short first and last names his could be a combination of the two, i.e. johnsmith or with a period or an underscore between the first and last manes such as john.smith or john_smith. Note that accounts with a period are not compatible with the Banner system. In this case, the Banner account would have a username without the period. Also, no hyphenated names are allowed. No profanity, no vulgarities, no sexual innuendos, or etc. will be allowed. The user name cannot contain anything that may be considered offensive to others. CS reserves the right to disallow any login name. All login names on campus must be unique, so if someone already has what you want for a login name, you will have to choose something else.

Email Forwarding

  • Computing Services will forward email from the old address to the new address for two months. Users should notify people of the change during this time. Consider sending an email to your important or frequently used email addresses of the change. Another way to do this is to a notice of the new address within a signature. If you don’t have a signature or need help setting one up, contact our Help Desk.

Desktop and Laptop Computer Changes

  • There will also need to be changes to the local desktop, locally stored files and setup to your email client (if you don’t use the web interface). An update may need to be done to your address book. Assistance for all of these changes is available through the CS Help Desk.

Phone and tablet changes

  • If you access your email etc. on a smart phone or tablet, changes may need to be done on them too. We suggest that you bring them into the CS Help desk to help you get these properly configured.

Web Sites on campus

  • Some individual’s email accounts are linked in several areas across the ASU web sites. Remember to work with the Creative Relations department to have them search the site and find the occurrences of email addresses. If possible, let our office know ahead of the change so they have time to make the changes across the site during the forwarding period.

External Web Sites and logins

  • Many web sites use the users email address as the login or at least as a way to reset the password. Remember to go out to these sites and update your new email address before the two months of forwarding runs out.

Can a faculty member use their personal laptop for work?

It is strongly discouraged for a faculty member to use their personal laptops for the following reasons:

  • We would have to put our software clone on the laptop to ensure it would function properly on the network. Once we do this, it would become the problem of Computing Services if something went wrong with the laptop. If the laptop were to die for some reason, we’d be liable.
  • The risk of infecting our network with a virus/spyware/adware is greater because the laptop will be frequently taken off-campus for personal use and then reattached to the network.
  • Because it’s an individual laptop, it would be used for personal reasons. Which would violate ASC’s Microsoft Software license.
  • ASC has an obligation to provide employees with the basic tools necessary to perform their jobs. Anymore, a computer fits into that category.

If the employee has a permanent position, look into purchasing a computer for that employee.