Setting Up ApplicationXtender

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To set up ApplicationXtender:

  • The faculty member must be logged in to their AD account.
  • Next have the faculty member log into banner using their usual method.
  • On the banner main screen, click the XS icon on the toolbar.
XS Icon In Banner
  • After Clicking on the XS Icon you should get this pop-up in banner:
Password Sync. Pop-up
  • Click OK.

  • Close out of Banner.
  • You now need to run Internet Explorer as an administrator (hold the shift key while right-clicking on the Banner icon and select Run As).
Run As
ApplicationXtender Address
  • The browser should take you to the ApplicationXtender page.
ApplicationXtender Page
  • click the Login icon on the ApplicationXtender page to be directed to the Log-in page.
ApplicationXtender Log-in Page