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[[File:WebXtender_install.swf‎ ]]
[[File:WebXtender_install.swf‎ ]]
To set up ApplicationXtender:
* The faculty member must be logged in to their AD account.
* Next have the faculty member log into banner using their usual method.
* On the banner main screen, click the XS icon on the toolbar.
[[image:Bannerxsicon.JPG|thumb|none|XS Icon In Banner]]
* After Clicking on the XS Icon you should get this pop-up in banner:
[[image:xsicon2.jpg|thumb|none|Password Sync. Pop-up]]
* If you do not get this pop-up, you may need to allow pop-ups on the Oracle Application Server Forms Services, (the background Banner window) for the Application Xtender Site.
* Click OK on the Password Sync Pop-up.
* You will now need to close out of Banner completely.
* Now you need to run Internet Explorer as an administrator (hold the shift key while right-clicking on the Banner icon and select Run As).
[[image:runas.jpg|thumb|none|Run As]]
* Enter the address for ApplicationXtender in the browser address bar, (http://xtender.adams.edu:7777/AppXtender/) and press enter.
[[image:xtenderaddress1.jpg|thumb|none|ApplicationXtender Address]]
* The browser should take you to the ApplicationXtender page.
[[image:xtenderloginpage.jpg|thumb|none|ApplicationXtender Page]]
* Click the Login icon on the ApplicationXtender page to be directed to the Log-in page.
[[image:xtenderloginpage2.jpg|thumb|none|ApplicationXtender Log-in Page]]
* On this page, have the faculty member log-in (the same user-name and password that they use in banner).
* You will then need to run the Active-X controls that it prompts you.
[[image:clipboardp.jpg|thumb|none|Active-X Control Prompt]]
* The two Active-X controls that it gives you to install are, IrcViewer.cab and WxScan.cab:
* If it does not prompt you to install the WxScan.cab Active-x control, you will need to enable scanning, under the Page tab.  The Page tab might not be accessible until you browse an image under the B-S-ID-Banner Student Common file (See Next Step).
[[image:clipboard04p.jpg|thumb|none|Enable Scanning]]
* To make sure that the Xtender set up is working properly, go to the B-S-ID-Banner Student Common file and open an image inside to see if it loads.
[[image:clipboard05.jpg|thumb|none|B-S-ID Banner...]]
* If you are able to load an image, the set-up was successful.
[[image:xsicon3p.jpg|thumb|none|Set-up Test]]
* In order to log-out of Application Xtender, you must click on the log-out icon or else you will still be running the Xtender in the background and this will cause complications for you in the future.
[[image:sslogout.jpg|thumb|none|Log-out Icon]]

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