Safe Connect - Guest Account Management

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Guest Account Management

Guest account management can be accessed by selecting “Advanced” or “Navigation” and selecting “Guest Users” from the resulting drop down menu. The first page will display all currently created guest accounts.

Guest User Management.png

If you want to edit a current account select the “E” button next to the desired account. Each field with an asterisk next to it is a required field. The “Username” field is the desired username for the account. Passwords can be manually set or randomized by selecting the “R” button to the right of the text field. You can specify an account to expire in a set ammount of time in the “Make Account expire in:” text field. If you do not want the account to expire, leave this field blank. Put the name of the person or event/organization in for the “Guest Name” field. Input the user’s e-mail in the “Valid e-mail” Text field. If the user does not have an e-mail input If you fill in the “Mobile Number” field and select the correct mobile service porvidor, then a text will be sent to the user when the account is ready. If you want the text to be sent, set the state of the account as “Pending approval.” And then “Active” after the account has been created.

Gues User Entry Form.png