Safe Connect - Broadcast Messaging

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Broadcast messaging allows you to send a message to all devices with a policy key that is currently on the network. You can access this by selecting advanced or navigation and then selecting “Broadcast” from the resulting drop down menu.

Broadcast Messaging Main.png

Before a message can be sent one must be created. Select “Toggle Broadcast Message Management.” The label and description are for the benefit of dashboard users and will not be displayed in the message. With the custom radio button selected you can put in either plane text or HTML. The Specific URL radio button can be selected for displaying external URLs. When the preview button is selected, you can view the page as the end users would see it. Be sure to allow pop-ups in order to view the page. Select “Save ts as a NEW message”

Broadcast Message Creation.png

Once the message is created, select “Toggle Broadcast Message Management.” Choose the message you would like to send from the drop down at the top of the form. The right hand collumn allows you to select the policy group you would like to send the message to. If you want to send a message out at a perticular time or you want to send the message out more than once, you can set a start date and an end date as the start and end hours. Select the ammount of times you would like to display this message in the “Times to show” text box.

Broadcast Message Management.png

You can also send a message to a specific device by going to a device’s details page and slecting the “Send Message” button.