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Connecting to the dashboard

From your web browser select the address bar and type This will take you to the login page for Safe Connect. Once you log in you will see the picture below. This page shows the current status of the network and the statistics of five sub categories. The left column has a detailed breakdown of the individual policy groups.


Left side bar Overview

This left hand collumn can be useful for troubleshooting a user’s connection issues. Depending on the error the user is receiving; no AntiVirus, Windows Updates, ect; you can select the corresponding policy group and try and find their device.

The lower section of the left sidebar breaks down the network by devices. The “Host Type Counts” displays how many devices of a certain type of device are connected to the network. If you are looking for a certain device use the Search Options or the Sessions forms.


Summery Page

The Summery selection will lead to a list view page that will display all devices on the network That Safety Connect is aware of. This may be a little too much information. If you are looking for a particular device use Search Options or Sessions under the navigation dropdown.

Most of the list views in Safety connect will appear like the one below.Most of the collumns are general information: IP address, MAC Address, Username, Machine name, Device type.The status collumn indicates what policy group each machine is in. The left icon is an indication of what group the device is in and the right icon describes why the device is in the group. The two exceptions to this are the NIC icon and the warning icon. The NIC icon indicates the device is complient with all policies and has open access to the internet. The warning icon indicates the user has been issues a warning for some policy violation on their machine but still in the open access group. The icon to the right indicates the reason. If the right icon is selected the page that the user sees will be displayed.


Details Page

This page can be accessed by selecting the IP address of the desired device in any list view interface. This page reiterates some information such as the IP and MAC addresses. Under the Policy group pane there is a little more information on the devices policy status such as the exact policies it may be violating and why it is violated.

Details Page.png

Show Client History

This page can be accessed from the details page for a particular device. It desplays a detailed list of every interaction a particular device has had with Safe Connect in the past week.

Client History.png


Sessions can be accessed by selecting Advanced or selecting Navigation and then selecting Sessions in the drop down menu. Sessions is used to track a correlation of MAC address, IP address, machine name, and network authentication name for at least 90 days. This displays very basic information about the devices associated with the credentials entered in the search fields. This list can become very extensive. If possible try and search for a particular day of interest.