Read-Only Files

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If you'd like to lock a file as "read-only" so only you can edit it:

  • Open the file you want to password protect
    • Open the icon tool bar and click on "file, save as."
    • You will now have a pop-up box entitled "save as," asking which directory and file name you want to give the file. On the tool bar in the pop-up box next to the directory drop down box are icons. Click on the "tools" drop down box.
      • Now click on "general options" which is where you will make the document password protected. You enter your chosen password twice and click on the box indicating "read-only recommended," then save and be sure your original document is saved in the correct directory and with the right name
        • Close everything and reopen the document. You will get a pop-up box asking for the password or offering a "read-only" choice. Since you've got the password, you are the only one who can modify, everyone else will be directed to read-only.