Printing in the Labs (WebPrint)

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Students receive a $30.00 print credit per semester. This is not an additional fee but is part of the technology fee. Printing is automatically deducted from this balance. Black and White printing is $0.05 a page and Color is $0.50 a page. In order to be "green" and conserve paper we charge the same price if the page is printed on one or both sided.

How do I check my printing balance?

When you login to the lab machines, you will see a box up in the upper right corner of the screen.


If you want more information on your print account...

Click on the Details... in the lower right corner. and the following page opens. Or to access it directly, enter and type in your username and password. PaperCut Client Summary.JPG

From this page you can check your printing Transaction History, Recent Print Jobs etc.

Printing from your personal computer or phone(Web Print)

You can also print from your residence hall room or home. Select Web Print from the Summary Menu.

PaperCut WebPrint.JPG

Once you click on Submit a job, the next page is where you will select the printer you wish to print to. Click on one of the buttons to select the printer. The Location/Department has a description of the lab name and building it is located in. You can also type in the name of the lab in the "Quick Find" box. For example, type in SUB to see only the printers in the Student Union Building (SUB). Then click the Print Options and Account Selection button.

PaperCut WebPrint Printers.JPG

Select the number of copies and click 3. Upload document.

PaperCut WebPrint Options.JPG

Here you will click on Browse... and select a file with the allowed formats. For security reasons we hold print jobs so your printout only prints when you release it.

PaperCut WebPrint Upload.JPG

This page will give you status of your job you uploaded.

PaperCut WebPrint Status.JPG

Select Jobs Pending Release to release the job to have it print immediately, or login to a lab machine and select the individual print job or select Release All to allow all jobs to print.

PaperCut WebPrint Release.JPG

Click on the Transfers options and enter the amount you want to transfer, the username of the person who you want to transfer print credit to and a comment on the transaction. Your account balance will go down by that amount and the other account will go up by that amount.

PaperCut WebPrint Transfer.jpg

What happens if there is a problem with what was printed?

If it is something that is a printer problem such as a jam, then we will happily refund that print job. Issues that the user could have avoided will be handled on a case by case basis. Please stop by Computing Services to discuss any issues.

What happens once my printing allowance runs out and how do I get money added so I can print more?

Students can add money to their printing account at the cashier’s station of the One Stop Student Service Center. There is a $1 minimum.