Mac Updates

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To update your Mac, please do the following:

Software Updates:

Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and click on "Software Update..."

OS UD.jpg

A window will pop up and automatically check for updates

OS UD Checking.jpg

If updates are available, a window will pop up prompting you to install the selected updates; select "Install"

OS UD Avail.jpg

When the updates have been installed, you will see the following screen:

OS UD Successful.jpg

Occasionally, software updates require a system restart. If they do, instad of "Okay" in the above picture, you will see an option to "Install and restart." Select this option and your Mac will automatically log off the current user, install the updates and reboot the computer.

Virus Barrier:

Click on the NetUpdate icon, or open Applications and choose "NetUpdate"

AV UD.jpg

A window will open that looks like the following:

AV UD Avail.jpg

Select "OK" Then "Update"

AV UD Avail 2.jpg

While the updated software is installing, you will see the following window:

AV UD Installing.jpg

Once the updated files have completed installing, a window will notify you. Select "OK"

AV UD Complete.jpg

You will then be prompted to reboot your Mac. Select "Restart" or, if you are done for the day, choose "Shut Down" (it's okay if it doesn't. Some updates don't require a reboot. Your Mac will tell you what it needs to do)

AV UD Restart.jpg

Microsoft office Updates:

Open "Applications" and choose "Microsoft Auto Update"

MS Auto UD.jpg