LogMeIn Rescue - How to connect remotely

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 To connect remotely via LogMeIn Rescu Technican Console, 

Launch the Technician Console. If prompted, enter your Adams State user name and pasword.

If a user does not have the 'help.adams.edu' "Calling Card" on their desktop, you may create a pin code for them. To do this:

Click, "New Session"

New Session.jpg

Enter their name, and click, "Generate PIN Code"

Create Pin.JPG

The user will then have to navigate in a web browser (Firefox for example) to 'help.adams.edu' and select the third choice, "Use a PIN code generated by technician"

It will then download a file. Once download is complete, they will need to double click the download, and select "run" They will then show up in your LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console.

To pick up an incoming call, press the green "Play" button.


If "UAC is enabled on this PC. The Rescue Applet must be restarted as a system service to remote control applications requiring UAC permission" is shown, enter your administrator credentials. I.e. "ad\user_admin" and your admin password.

Admin Cred.JPG

The user will have 2 pop up windows. They will need to select "Cancel" to "Windows Firewall" and then "Yes" to "User Account Control" pop up, and finally "Yes" again to a secong "User Account Control"

You should see "Restarting as System Service" in your Rescue Technician Console. Once the applet has restarted, click, "Launch Remote Control Session"

The user will have to click "Yes" to allow you to remote control their desktop.

When finished, click the red "X" button. This will end the remote session, and the connection to the user.