Konica Minolta Copier Setup

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Macintosh Setup

  • Download the most current driver for model (MCD is Buzhub 751)


  • Install driver for version of the OS as Admin and add printer based on the Copiers IP (Don't use MS server queue).

For example MCD 2nd floor is and 3rd floor is Select proper options Paper-None, Finisher-FS 525, Z-None, HD-Installed for MCD.

  • Then begin like you are printing a job, select Copier, select drop down-Output Method
  • Select Account Tracking
  • Enter nothing for department and password is users copier code
  • Click the save settings box
  • And Before printing Create Preset, call it Copier Setting for that printer.

(see example) https://php.radford.edu/~knowledge/lore/article.php?id=394