Game Console Registration

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Why Register?

When you register your game console, it puts exceptions in through our network to give you internet access. This will allow you have unlimited hours of online gaming.

How to Register your device on ASUwifi

How To Register on the Wired Network

Disclaimer: You only need to register your gaming console if you are connected to a wired network. The registration process is easy. The first step is to go to THIS WEBSITE. Next, insert your ASU User Name and password. Also insert the MAC address OR IP address. Select the gaming device type and click register. That's it!

Register game console.png

How to Find the MAC Address of your Gaming Device

Needing to know how to find the MAC address of your gaming console? Please follow the steps on the appropriate help guide.

For Xbox: How to find Xbox MAC Address

For Nintendo: How to find Nintendo MAC Address

For Playstation: How to find Playstation MAC Address

More Information

For more information on registering your game console, please view the the ATTACHED PDF