Game Console Registration

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How to Register your device on ASUwifi

Disclaimer: This section is only for Wireless connections only.

Xbox One/360

Step 1: Go to your network settings and connect to ASUwifi

*When your Xbox tests the connection, the test may fail the first time*

Step 2: Sign in to your Xbox Live account from the Dashboard. (not from the test screen)

Note: If the device does not connect and sign in after the first connection test, perform a hard power off by pressing and holding the power icon/button for 10 seconds.
After the device has been completely shut down, power it back on and try to sign into the console again.

Playstation 3 or 4

Step 1: Go to your network settings and connect to ASUwifi

*As you are configuring, when you test the connection may fail. You are welcome to skip the test.*

Step 2: Sign in to the Playstation Network from the XMB Menu

Wii/ WiiU

Step 1: Go to your network settings and connect to ASUwifi

Step 2: Open the Internet Channel from the home screen and click start

Step 3: Attempt to access any website that has not been previously viewed (i.e.

How To Register on the Wired Network

Disclaimer: This section is only for a Wired connection only.

Contact the Computing Services Helpdesk with your device's mac address so our Helpdesk team can register the device for you.

Computing Services 719-587-7741

How to Find the MAC Address of your Gaming Device

Needing to know how to find the MAC address of your gaming console? Please follow the steps on the appropriate help guide.

For Xbox: How to find Xbox MAC Address

For Nintendo: How to find Nintendo MAC Address

For Playstation: How to find Playstation MAC Address

More Information

If you are having trouble logging in after following the steps provided, please call Computing Services for troubleshooting help. Please have your name, username, and MAC address of the device ready to be received.

For the Wii/ WiiU: If you do not have Internet Channel installed on your system, please call Computing Services for a 1-time open access so you may download the app.

For the Xbox One If you are having troubles connecting to the internet with the information provided, see Xbox One - Connecting to ASUwifi or contact Computing Services for further troubleshooting.

For more information on registering your game console, please view the the ATTACHED PDF