Firefox Default Settings

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This article will show how to set default settings in the Mozilla Firefox browser. You will need admin privileges in order to set these defaults. Note: The user will not be able to change any settings (like homepage, favorites) so be sure not to use this on staff and faculty computers.

Step 1- Set Firefox preferences using their setting editing UI. This menu is under tools>options. You may need to press your alt key if the file menu is hiding.

Step 2- Navigate to the current user's Mozilla Firefox profile and copy the "prefs.js" file to the desktop. The current user's Firefox profile is located here; %USERPROFILE%\APPDATA\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles\(top profile on the list)

Step 3- Rename "prefs.js" to "all-adamsstate.js".

Step 4- Move "all-adamsstate.js" into the Mozilla Firefox prefs file. This is under C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla firefox\defaults\pref. All done! Open Firefox to confirm your settings worked.

Step 1
Step 1
Location of the Prefs file
Step 2
Rename the .js file, all lower case
step 3
Put the all-adamsstate.js file into the Firefox directory