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How to configure FileZilla to Connect to ASU and BANNER FTP

  • If you encounter an "authentication error" when trying to connect to your site, follow the steps outlined below. However, instead of "New Site" choose the site that you are encountering an error. Make sure that "Logon Type" is set to "Ask for password"

  • Upon opening FileZilla you will see a button on the left under "file" that looks like a computer. Click it.
    • In the window that opens choose "New Site" in the lower corner and name it "my desired name" and press Enter.

Sandy setup.png

  • Change the "Host:" field according to your needs.
    • Faculty, Staff, and Students -
    • Banner - Port: 22
    • Sandy Banner - Port: 22
      • For secure FTP change the servertype to "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol"
  • Then click "OK"
  • Choose your site by clicking the small arrow pointing downwards next to the site manager (computer) button and selecting your site from the drop-down list. Click "connect" to log on to the FTP site.
    • You will receive a pop-up window claiming the server's host key is unknown
      • Click okay
        • You should only see this warning the first time you connect
  • Filezilla will run through the login process and give you a screen that shows you your local information to the left, and your site information to the right. Simply drag and drop your files from the left to the right.
    • There is a public_html folder. This is your website root. If you upload an index.htm file you'll be able to access it at or