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How to configure FileZilla to Connect to ASC and BANNER FTP

  • Upon opening FileZilla you will see a button on the left under "file" that looks like a computer. Click it.
    • In the window that opens choose "New Site" in the lower corner and name it "my desired name" and press Enter.

Sandy setup.png

  • Change the "Host:" field according to your needs.
    • Faculty -
    • Student -
    • Banner - Port: 22
    • Dragula Banner - Port: 22
    • Sandy Banner - Port: 22
      • For secure FTP change the servertype to "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol"
  • Then click "OK"
  • Choose your site by clicking the small arrow pointing downwards next to the site manager (computer) button and selecting your site from the drop-down list. Click "connect" to log on to the FTP site.
    • You will receive a pop-up window claiming the server's host key is unknown
      • Click okay
        • You should only see this warning the first time you connect
  • Filezilla will run through the login process and give you a screen that shows you your local information to the left, and your site information to the right. Simply drag and drop your files from the left to the right.
    • There is a public_html folder. This is your website root. If you upload an index.htm file you'll be able to access it at or