ES 105 Lab

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This lab is closed for the building renovation.

The ES 105 also know as the Rowley Lab is located in Room 105 of the ES building.

  • Scheduling of this lab is through Academic Instructional Technology (719)587-7371
  • Hours: Check posted times on the door.
  • This lab Closes for Maintenance at 3:00 PM on Friday Afternoons, is generally closed for about an hour except during hardware and software upgraded which can take longer.
  • Phone: None
  • Contact: Chris Olance (719) 587-7741
  • Computers: (36) PCs, 3 Macs
  • Standard PC Software
  • Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows XP, and Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Standard Mac Software: OSX, Mozilla, Safari, and Microsoft Office 2008.

This are is primarily used as a student lab, but can be reserved for ad hoc class meetings. This room should not be scheduled for classes that meet regularly.