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When new faculty and staff members purchase at-home use software, we need to keep a record of who purchased what.

The file containing this record is located under S:/CSHelpdesk/paymentform it is an Excel document.

The file is as shown:

Alphabetized by the first letter of the last name.

To update it:

  • Select the row below where you want to add the new person, and highlight the entire row.
    • Right click and select "insert" and then select "shift cells down" and "OK" on the pop-up window -- this will move the entire row you highlighted down one so it's important to be sure the whole thing was highlighted.
      • Type in the ID #, first name, last name, department of the person you're adding. Then check to see what software they purchased and type an X under the correct column.
        • Update the header "Last Updated" with the date of the day you updated it
          • Save, print, staple, and shred the old copy.