Blackberry Storm Setup

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First Steps

  • Be sure to fully charge the Storm before beginning to maximize battery life
  • Go through the basic setup- accepting terms, choosing language, turning on wireless connection, set time zone, date and keyboard style.
  • If you haven't done so, create an account at the following website: This site is used to manage your email accounts on your Blackberry. For future usage, bookmark this site.

Activate your phone

  • You can activate your new BB Storm by either visiting their website at, or you may need to call a customer service rep at 1-877-807-4646. You will need the order number and location code off of your customer receipt.

Email Acct activation

  • You will need to transfer your email accounts to your new phone. Login to the account you created at and click "Change Device." It will ask you for your PIN and ESN/MEID. Instructions on how to find these numbers is provided on this website.
  • Once this is complete, your phone will receive messages indicating that your accounts have been successfully activated on your new BB

Installing the required software to your computer

  • Insert the cd labeled "Blackberry Storm 9530 smartphone" that came with the phone and click option 3, install USB Drivers for the BlackBerry Storm 9530
    • Insert the Blackberry tools cd and install the desktop manager from the disk. Be sure to select the "integrate with a personal email account" instead of the "integrate with a work email account" option. Also check for updates to the software.
  • When prompted, reboot your computer

Migrating your Contacts and applications from your old BB to the Storm

  • Plug in your OLD Blackberry and run the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  • Run the "Backup and Restore" function and then perform a full backup. Be sure to save the backup file somewhere you will be able to locate later if need be.
  • Run the "Switch Device Wizard" which will guide you through the process of migrating your BB data. Choose all settings, messages and third party apps that you would like to import to the new device. Be sure that both devices are plugged into your computer and that the PINs are correct. Click the "next" button in the wizard. The process will run and import settings, messages, and applications from your old BB to the Storm. As part of this process, you can choose which applications from your old BB to move to your Storm.
  • When asked if you would like to activate your device during the switching process, do not do so. Click the "Do not activate my new device...." option.
  • A summarized view should appear informing you that your application data will be restored. This process should restore your address book, and any other 3rd party applications that are compatible with the Storm.

Service Books Errors when using your browser

If you get the message "your device does not currently have any browser configuration service book entries..." you will need to login to your account at and click the link on the left called "Service Books" then "Send Service Books." You will receive a message on your Storm and within a few minutes, your browser should begin working.