Banner Troubleshooting

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Remove "Google, Yahoo, WAVE" toolbars

  • Go to My Computer > Control Panel
  • Add/Remove Programs
  • Remove Toolbars

In addition to the toolbars which cause errors (Google/Yahoo), McAfee’s SiteAdvisor that comes with some versions of McCafee antivirus software. If it’s enabled in IE 7, IE will crash every time you start up Oracle.

Invalid Form Name

rcp: ./banpage_45678.lis: No such file or directory US:lp:WARNING:Cannot access the file: ./banpage_45678.lis.

To fix: make sure the file name is valid

UX:lp:ERROR:Form or character set not available.

To fix: check the spelling of the form/character-set name. Use the lpstat -f -S command to list all known forms and character sets.