Babbage, Lovelace, and Turing Lab Tips

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Using the computers in the Babbage, Lovelace, and Turing Porter Hall computer labs

The Porter hall computer labs are using a new configuration starting this semester. The machines in the labs are running the Xubuntu operating system as a base and run the Windows operating system as a virtual machine.

To log into Windows -

1) Log into Xubuntu using the dialog boxes that appear when no one is logged into the computer. This is slightly different from the windows login in that the user id and password are entered with two different prompts. That is, you will first enter your user id and press enter. Then you will enter your password and press enter.

2) After you log in you will see the Xubuntu operating system with your desktop displayed. This desktop contains the same files and data as your windows desktop. In the middle of the desktop you will see an icon with the label Windows. Double click this icon and a window will open displaying the usual windows boot up sequence. After you see the usual "ctrl-alt-del" prompt you can log into windows in the usual way.

3) If you would like Windows to fill the entire monitor screen, type shift F11. Windows is now running and fully functional. If you want to take Windows out of full screen type shift F11 again.


Leaving windows you will log out twice

4) To log off the computer shut down windows (don't do a restart) and in a couple of seconds you should see the Xubuntu operating system again. On the Xubuntu desktop you should see an icon labeled "Log out". Double click the Log out icon on the Xubuntu desktop and on the box that appears click your choice as appropriate (usually Log out again).

Using the computer to show web content (pages, pictures, you tube, etc.) - If all you need is to access the web there is no need to run windows. In Xubuntu move your mouse to the bottom of the screen. A panel will appear with several icons. Double click on the globe icon and the Firefox web browser will run and work in the usual manor.

To explore Xubuntu - Many programs available in windows are also available in Xubuntu. There are also many programs not identical to windows programs but have equivalent functionality. To see what is available open the "start" menu by clicking on the mouse icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen .

If you have any questions please email, call or run down the hall to my office.

  • 7356
  • 719 580 2144
  • PTR 251 - down the office block 2nd floor at the south end of the building.