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(Approving Work Tickets)
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== Approving Work Tickets ==
== Approving Work Tickets ==
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[[File:approval1.jpg |Approval Message|Boarder]]
[[File:approval1.jpg |Approval Message|thumb =frame boarder]]

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Approving Work Tickets

Some tickets entered into Computing Services' work ticketing system, helpdesk.adams.edu, require approval. New employee (including workstudy) account creation tickets must be approved by the employee supervisor, for example.

When your approval is needed for a work ticket you should receive an email notification from the work ticketing system. You may click the link to the approval in the email, or view your approvals at


You can also see pending approvals under Tools > Approvals in the helpdesk.adams.edu web interface

thumb =frame boarder

Select the radio button next to Approve or Deny. You can also enter in a note if needed.


Once approved, work on the ticket can progress.

If you have any issues while trying to approve a ticket please contact the Computing Services Helpdesk at computingservices@adams.edu or 719-587-7741.