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[[Image:Send Email to List.jpg|900px|Send Email to List.jpg]]
[[Image:Send Email to List.jpg|900px|Send Email to List.jpg]]

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Introduction: What is a Mailing List?

When using Thunderbird, we often need to send an email to multiple recipients (i.e. Department Faculty, Students, Family, etc.). However, some Thunderbird users may be unfamiliar with the helpful tools that Mozilla have designed as an aid to expedite processes such as this. This tool is known as a mailing list, and setting one up is made easy in Thunderbird. This Wiki will outline how. While the information provided here directly applies to Mozilla Thunderbird, most third-party email programs use a similar process.

Process: How to Setup New Mailing List

Once you have entered Mozzilla Thunderbird, follow these steps to create a new mailing list/group. There are images below to aid in the process.

  • Open Address Book
  • Click New List
  • Add info and contacts to your new Mailing List
    • Be sure to add a List Name, Nickname, and Description for your convenience
    • Then add email addresses to the mailing list (See image Step 3)
  • Finally, return to Address Book
    • Select your new mailing list
    • And, click Write to send an email to your newly created group

Screenshots Below:

Step 1 - Enter "Address Book"

Enter Address Book.jpg

Step 2 - Create "New List"

Create New List.jpg

Step 3 - Add Contacts 

Add Contacts.jpg

Step 4 - Send Email to List

Send Email to List.jpg