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Configuring Apple's Mail Program

Once Apple's Mail program is opened for the first time it asks you to enter your Full Name, Email address, and Password (see example below). If you already have added an account you can add a second by selecting Mail > Accounts.


When prompted for the type of the account select Google.


The Google settings should be automatically detected.

You will then be able to select what type of data is synced to your Mac. Computing Services recommends syncing Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.


Optionally, if you use Apple's Contacts, you can configure it to search our global directory

Within the Contacts program, under the preferences option, select accounts, and click on the plus sign +.
Give it a name like ASU LDAP
Server setting => ldap.adams.edu
Port => 389 (leave SSL unchecked)
Search Base => ou=people,dc=adams,dc=edu
Scope => One Level
Authentication => None
A new entry in the Directories section of the Contacts appears.

See the settings below.

Apple Contacts LDAP.jpg

Once you are in Contacts, select the new directory you just created. Enter a name in the search box at the top to find faculty and staff (not students).