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ALEKS Math Placement

Here are the website links for the ALEKS:


Math Placement:

Login page:

Students do have to have their ASU username and password created and activated to take this exam. It can take up to 24 hours for the ALEKS system to recognize this activation and for Examity (third party proctoring service) to have their information.

First attempts are unproctored, but attempts two through five require a proctor, either Examity, an admissions counselor, or taken at GTLC. There is currently no processes in place for students to take it at other institutions. Students can take their second attempt as soon as they like, but attempts three through five require the student to spend between three and five hours in the learning modules (see additional information below).

All scores are automatically uploaded into BANNER the next day by 8 am MST. Students also have access to view their scores on the ALEKS platform by signing back in and navigating to their previous scores page. Additionally, the student will have a customized learning module program in which they can access study information if they would like to take additional attempts to improve their score.