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Follow the prompt for logging into your Adams State email account with your Adams State username as well as the password you specified.  

Term Selection:

Selecting the drop down arrow for the Term Code enables the user to select what term will be used. The options will include the current term and upcoming terms. The Address Type allows the sender to pick what email types for students and or faculty he or she wants to send to. If at any time the user must go back to correct an error, they must press the back button on their browser.  

Selection of Students

• The selection of students and or faculty has two different options in selecting what population will receive the email. The first is selecting who will receive the email without using the population selection option. The second uses the population selection option to restrict who will receive the email.

    - Selection of who will receive email – WITHOUT using population selection: 

The sender can pick the recipients of the email based on characteristics of the students and or faculty members. Multiple checkboxes can be checked.

     - Using population selection to restrict who will receive the email:

Requires that a population selection that has been previously created within Banner. Identify the population selection by specifying the User Id, Creator Id, Selection, and Application fields.

Addressing and Attaching:

After entering the sender’s name as well as their email address, you can choose to use a personal salutation as well as attach files from your computer. Attaching smaller files (below 2.5 MB) such as text documents or spreadsheets can be added along with your email. There can be up to three attachments per email. For larger attachments (above 2.5 MB) such as videos or multiple images, they must be uploaded to Google Drive and linked within the email content. The Google Drive link works for any file type stored in your Google Drive.

Message Body:

The user can type their message inside the text area, also the message can be formatted and edited for visual appeal. A copy and paste feature has been added so that text from different applications such as word or email can used. Once the message is written the user can preview their message.


Once looking over the content of the email the “Send Mail Now” button then sends the email out. If the user wants to edit their email the back button on their browser must be selected. A new feature has been added that allows for users to see how many recipients of the email there are as well as the recipient list.