Thunderbird - Add LDAP to Address Book

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To import the Adams State College LDAP  directory into your Mozilla Thunderbird profile, open Thunderbird and do the following:

Click on: Address Book.

Click Address Book.JPG

Once your Address Book opens, click: File>New>LDAP Directory


A window will open that looks like the following:

LDAP settings.JPG

At this point, enter the following data into the corresponding field:
Name: whatever you would like to name your new LDAP directory.

Base DN: ou=people,dc=adams,dc=edu

Port number: 389


Use secure connection (SSL):UNCHECK

Click OK

Close Address book. From the main screen, click: Tools>Account Settings

The following will open:

Click Tools.png

Click: Composition and Addressing.

Under Addressing, choose, "Use a different LDAP Server" and select the LDAP server you just created.

Click, OK

Comp and Add.JPG

That's it! Test it by trying to create a new message. In the "To:" field, start typing a name, and a list of everyone in the directory will appear.

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