How to get your Username and Password (Getit)

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  • If you are in one of the ASC campus computer labs, type "getit" as the username and "getitnow" as the password.

  • Otherwise, go to
  • Type in your Student ID number (the 900 number) and the Token number you were issued
  • Read through the Acceptable Use Policy and select "Accept the terms and get your information"
  • Note that the page will then display your username. Write it down.
  • Then, follow the "change password" link to adjust your password (you must input one uppercase, one lowercase, and a number or symbol).

*For security reasons you can only use the token once. If something doesn't go right the first time you use your Token number, you will need to contact HelpDesk 719-587-7741 to have a new one generated.

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